1 On 1 With Trump: Unvarnished and Unfazed

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By Rick Amato

“The office makes the man”.  Those were the somber words in 1881 of newly appointed U.S. President Chester A. Arthur, a republican, upon finding himself unexpectedly thrust into the position after the tragic assassination of President James Garfield.  He became our nation’s 21st President.  After Donald Trump’s unorthodox, counter- establishment, victorious campaign both supporters and opponents alike are curious if the realities of the Oval Office will ‘change the man’.  To make matters more interesting he has surrounded himself with a cross-current mix of anti-establishment flame throwers, like Steve Bannon, and GOP establishment stalwarts like Reince Priebus.  Obviously the competing minds advising him can be a great asset or a disastrous liability.  Time will tell.  Recently my former colleague from One America News, David Brody now of CBN, interviewed President Trump 1 on 1 in the Blue Room of the White House only the third such interview granted by the nation’s 45th President.  Brody joined me recently as a guest on the Politics and Profits podcast to share his first hand observations of the “mood inside the Trump White House”.

(image courtesy of David Brody)
(image courtesy of David Brody)

With the high energy of the first two weeks of the new administration and indications that at times not all staff  members were communicating and on the same page with each other I was curious as to how David Brody just would find that mood to be inside the White House.  Brody, by the way, has interviewed Donald Trump many times over the course of the past several years.  “He was very subdued”, Brody told me.  “Unlike the Trump we all know he was relatively reserved, calm and collected.   Again very subdued.  It was obvious he understood the gravity of the office”.

Perhaps the most interesting highlight were the number of questions which the White House staff requested of Brody in advance of the interview.  None.  While that may be common course of someone in a smaller political position, like say a small town city council member- it is unheard of on today’s scripted, rehearsed national political stage.  Just ask Hillary.

“Never did he or anyone on his staff ask for the questions, topics or issues in advance, Brody revealed. “This is the tenth interview I have done with Donald Trump over the past seven years. It’s been the same every time.  To me what is says, is when you’re comfortable in your own skin, and don’t worry about political correctness, or worry about x y and z, then you don’t need advance notice of the questions.  You get the full unvarnished opinion”.

What I found interesting is that President Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon sat in the room and observed the full interview.  Bannon had just appeared on the cover of Time Magazine last week for his calling out the media as the ‘opposition’.  Needless to say Time is not fond of Bannon.  Brody said he and Trump went into great detail about the President’s feeling towards the U.S. media,

“It’s like Donald Trump has said: ‘If I’m not going to get a fair treatment with the media then why in the world would I sit down with Anderson Cooper?’ “

“The media has no idea of how to deal with Donald Trump”, Brody said.  They are always a half step behind him.  Trump is willing to stand up and punch the bully in the face.  He likes to play the media as the foil.” Something which the majority of American people- outside of California that is- fully support him on.

You can listen to my entire interview with journalist David Brody by clicking the link below.  Perhaps the most surprising part of the interview is President Donald J. Trump talking about his relationship with faith and God since becoming president.  In the past it’s an issue he has kept private and to himself.  Until now.

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Obama Did What?

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By Rick Amato

“Barack Obama gave Israel the middle finger on his final days in office and I am personally asking President Trump do undo what was done.” Those were the brash words of Las Vegas serial entrepreneur Wayne Allyn Root who recently appeared as a guest on the ‘Politics and Profits’ podcast.

Wayne Allyn Root

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Root, a personal friend of the President and someone who has been referred to as ‘the twin brother that Donald Trump never had’ is referring to the case of Ben Rhoades. Who is Ben Rhoades? Three days prior to leaving office then-President Barack Obama named Ben Rhodes to the Holocaust Memorial Council — the most sacred Jewish commission in all of America. The Holocaust Memorial Council oversees the National Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C.

So why is Root upset over that? To answer that we need to take a step back and take a look at three items. First, in Barack Obama’s FINAL HOUR in office the President released $221 million of U.S. taxpayer to the Palestinian Authority, an enemy of Israel. Money which had previously been frozen by Congress. He did so by the way, through and executive order something which the media has been so shocked at Trump for using during his first weeks in office. Secondly, as had been highly publicized at the time- in his final days President Obama allowed the United Nations to condemn Israel for the first time in U.S. history. Thirdly, there is the highly publicized and much criticized controversial Iran nuclear deal. None of these items obviously demonstrate a president who is warm and friendly towards Israel. Ben Rhoades was President Obama’s point man behind the scenes for both the Iran nuclear deal and the U.N. resolution condemning Israel. It was his job to sell the merits of both deals to the U.S. media. And now- through a final days appointment by President Obama- Rhoades sits on the Holocaust Memorial Council.

Root says as a Jewish American he feels insulted and is outraged that Barack Obama would do such a thing. Don’t you just know that if Donald Trump had done something similar there would be angry media calls of anti- semitism and racism? And so now, Wayne Allyn Root is calling on his friend, the President, to step in and remove Ben Rhoades from the Holocaust Memorial Council.

You can hear my full interview with Wayne Allyn Root by clicking the photo below as we cover a full range of issues including business and the economy.

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Inside President Trump’s Inner Circle

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By Politics & Profits

This past week reporter David Brody of CBN sat down 1 on 1 with President Trump inside the Blue Room of the White House. Only the 3rd such interview granted by the President. Brody joins Rick to share his observations on the mood inside Trump’s inner circle, the President’s views on God, the media and more.

Lies, Damned Lies and The Media

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By Rick Amato

Earlier this week I received a phone call from an unexpected source. The voice on the other end sounded anxious and frustrated as he explained to me why he wanted to be interviewed on the ‘Politics And Profit’s’ podcast. As I listened I realized he had a particularly important message for the American people, in part, because of who he was as the messenger. A message and messenger which has been completely censored, silenced and ignored by the U.S. corporate media. His name was Johnny Walker.

Johnny is an Iraqi-born Muslim living in America. Johnny is also an American hero. Prior to being permanently relocated to the states he served as an interpreter for U.S. forces in Iraq. He was the personal interpreter for U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, the ‘American Sniper’. For that he paid a heavy personal price. His brother was murdered by radical Islamic forces as retribution.

Johnny wants you and me to understand why he supports President Trump’s seven nation temporary travel ban. So much so that he said, “I don’t support President Trump 100%. I support him 200%”. As I say it’s a message and messenger ignored by the media. It simply doesn’t fit their anti-Trump, false anti-Muslim narrative.

The media has gone to great lengths of late to snuff out voices like Johnny’s in a few instances resulting in humorous, embarrassing moments. Embarrassing for them that is. Take what happened this past Sunday involving CNN. A gentleman by the name of Hameed Khalid Darweesh, also an Iraqi translator coincidentally, found himself stranded and detained for eighteen hours at New York’s JFK Airport as a result of the newly implemented travel ban. Alert not to miss a political opportunity, Democrat Congressman Jerry Nader (NY) and Nydia Velazquez (D-NY) swiftly called a press conference at JFK and complained about the tragedy of Trump’s trampling on the rights of refugees and his attacking of American values. Then Darweesh was released from detention and was quickly rushed out in front of the cameras to speak. When asked what he thought of Trump, to the horror of Representatives Nader and Velazquez, Darweesh answered that he ‘likes President Donald Trump’. And America too. Caught by surprise the full interview aired live on CNN. But fret not. ABC aired the taped version later and edited out the part about him liking Trump. If only CNN had been so alert.

Not to be outdone, Nancy Pelosi appeared on a CNN townhall meeting Tuesday night. A woman from the audience identified as a Yemeni refugee asked Pelosi what was presented by CNN as an impromptu, unscripted question about the unfairness of Trump’s policy towards Muslims. Except it didn’t appear so unscripted. The woman stumbled over the question several times before looking at her cell phone and trying to read and repeat whatever was there. Imagine the pressure. But alas when that didn’t work satisfactorily Pelosi herself was forced to jump in, help out and finish the impromptu question for the lady. The in-studio audience cheered. You can’t make this stuff up.

The American corporate media is going to great lengths to stifle the voices of Pro-Trump American-Muslim voices and equally great lengths to present an anti-Muslim bigoted Trump narrative. Now Johnny Walker wants you to know what he has to say. It’s his turn to talk.

You can listen to my full interview with Johnny Walker by clicking on the photo below.

Iraqi-born Muslim Johnny Walker explains why he supports President Trump’s 7 nation temporary travel ban.


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Iraqi-Born Muslim: “I Don’t Support Trump 100%. I Support Him 200%”

(image via Johnny Walker)

Johnny Walker is an Iraqi-born Muslim who bravely served as an interpreter for U.S. forces in Iraq- including for ‘American Sniper’ Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. Johnny supports President Donald J. Trump‘s temporary 7 nation ban. He wants to tell you why.

The King Of Las Vegas Says: Viva Trump!

(image via rootforamerica.com)

Serial entrepreneur, middle class advocate and personal friend of Donal Trump, Wayne Allyn Root, explains why ‘big business hate President Trump and small businesses overwhelmingly love him. Plus you will not believe who former President Barack Obama appointed to the Holocaust Memorial Council on his final day in office. Wayne Allyn Root calls it an insult to Israel and Jews in America and calls on Trump to intervene.

Trump On A Roll

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Can you top this? That was the name of a popular 1950’s TV show that was briefly revived in the 70’s. But if I didn’t know any better I would say it is the developing nickname for the new Trump administration. Just when you thought week 1 of The Donald’s presidency and all its whirlwind of news and activity could not be outdone then along comes the weekend. Normally a slow news period in politics Saturday and Sunday were marked by worldwide protests, images of chaos and angst at U.S. airports and a Brooklyn-based federal judge who partially blocked his executive order on travel. By this time White House staffers surely must have been praying for Monday to get here quickly so things could perhaps settle down and they could get a breather. But Monday came and it topped the weekend when we learned that a Mexican official named Jorge Castañeda Gutman went on CNN and suggested Mexico’s drug cartels could be unleashed into the U.S. as retribution against tough trade policies. “A negotiating chip” he called it. Nice. What does that tell us about the working relationship between Mexico’s government and the drug cartels?

And so as the world turns and those in corporate media do all they can to stir up emotions let’s take a step back and look at the news events as they occurred. First of all to call the President’s temporary seven nation travel ban a ‘Muslim ban’ is wrong and purposely misleading. It is an example of the media creating a false narrative designed to try and tear down the President. It’s little wonder why Trump’s Chief Strategist Steve Bannon had the chutzpah to call the media ‘the opposition’. Instead, It is a temporary travel ban put on seven nations which are known for exporting terror while our government reassess its policies and procedures. It’s also one step- not a single step- as part of a bigger policy to address the geopolitical challenges in the Middle East region, according to Trump campaign Middle East advisor Dr. Walid Phares. Part of that strategy may eventually be the creation of Syrian “safe zones” as Dr. Phares told our audience in last week’s Politics And Profits podcast interview. The issue is being studied and discussed with the Russians and the Turks. (When was the last time that ever happened during the Obama administration?).

The protests are not spontaneous or organic just as the anti-Trump protests during the campaign were not. They appear to be part of a coordinated PR effort financed by left-wing billionaire George Soros as reported by Debra Heine of PJ Media. In fact, watching the news images you would be under the false impression that all of America- or certainly the majority- oppose the temporary ban. Not the case. Instead, according to the Rasmussen Poll- one of the select few polls which correctly forecasted Trump’s unlikely presidential victory- a majority of Americans support the travel ban. Imagine that. 57% say they support the temporary travel ban, 33% oppose and 10% are undecided. Of course you will never hear or see that reported on CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, LA Times or Washington Post.

For some of the criticism received by the administration it has no one else to blame but itself. For example, the execution and communication of the executive order was poorly planned and resulted in the unnecessary chaos and disruptions experienced by travelers at U.S. airports. The White House wants us to believe they had no choice but to hold back the communication because doing otherwise would have tipped off would be terrorists currently in our country. I don’t think I’m alone when I say I have hard time buying that one. The point is Trump’s opponents are looking for material to criticize him on at every turn- even if they have to make it up which they’ve done- so the last thing you want to do is hand them the opportunity. That’s what happened here.

Today is another day. If the past week or so is any indication, I doubt it will be like any other.

EXCLUSIVE: “The Single Most Important News Story In The Middle East”

President Trump surprised the world in the last 24 hours when he proposed ‘safe zones in Syria’. Foreign Policy Advisor to President Trump during the campaign, Dr. Walid Phares joins Rick. Plus the latest on the U.S. Embassy in Israel. Will it move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and if so what are the security consequences?

Trumponomics: The Art Of The Deal

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For a candidate who scored high marks on the economy with voters during the campaign, President Trump certainly didn’t disappoint during his first 24 hours on the job.  In a whirlwind of activity the newly elected President: signed executive orders to speed up the approval of the Keystone and Dakota Pipelines, signed an executive order to renegotiate NAFTA, withdrew the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, said he would “cut taxes massively” for both middle class individuals and American companies, and in a W.H. meeting with a dozen American manufacturing CEO’s promised he would cut regulation possibly by as much as 75%. That was Monday.  Well to be fair the Keystone and Dakota pipeline executive orders occurred first thing Tuesday morning.

Is it any wonder why Trump economic adviser Stephen Moore told me in a ‘Politics and Profits’ podcast, “In the first 24 hours Donald Trump did more to help the U.S. economy than Barack Obama did in 8 years.” ?

To be sure President Trump is walking a thin line on some of these decisions as they are not without their potential major pitfalls.  As Moore told me he doesn’t agree with the President on everything and the exiting of the Trans-Pacific Partnership is one which concerns him. The TPP was written to exclude China, as part of an Obama Administration strategy to write Asia’s trade rules before Beijing could, establishing U.S. economic leadership in the region.  Now with the withdrawal from TPP, America’s Asian allies are feeling somewhat abandoned while China’s influence in the region rises.

Then of course there’s NAFTA.  As Stephen Moore told me, and forgotten or not known by many Americans, while signed into law by President Clinton it was Ronald Reagan who first actually began NAFTA.  Based upon the premise that a free trade deal which helps lift the economic status of those in need while benefiting American companies is a good deal. As of today there are reports that Mexico may pull out of NAFTA altogether as opposed to face stiff re-negotiations with President Trump. That would not be a positive development with our southern neighbors despite all their problems with drugs, immigration, crime, etc.  As Reagan believed, it is free trade which can help lift them out of their economic condition while providing Americans opportunities here at home.

Be all that as it may the major pitfalls can be avoided.  The devil is in the details.  And as Moore points out a devilish detail that can turn a good trade deal into a bad one – or vice versa- is its taxation.  Why tax the production of a product (the job creation source) when instead you can tax the consumption?  Today, on NAFTA for example American companies face too many hurdles, taxation and others, which de-incentivizes those companies from keeping their manufacturing jobs here in the U.S.  The success of Trumponomics depends upon those trade details being worked out to intelligently favor the U.S., while not forcing our partners to feel abandoned and compelled to walk away.  Or to put it differently, it’s all  in the art of the deal.

You can listen to my full interview with President Trump Economic Adviser Stephen Moore by clicking the image below:

Exclusive: Interview with Trump Economic Adviser Stephen Moore

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