P&P TV: Shock! U.S. Stock Market Performs Best When Congress Out Of Session!

By Politics & Profits

Since 1965 the U.S. stock markets have vastly outperformed during periods when Congress was out of session as opposed to when they are in session. Translation: Congress go home! Jeff Hirsch, Editor-In-Chief of The Stock Trader’s Almanac joins Rick to discuss election cycles and stocks.

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P&P TV: Former Border Director Says “The Wall Is Not Racist. Media Has Agenda”

By Politics & Profits

The former Executive Director for the Southwestern U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Rudy Camacho, says President Trump’s proposed Wall will protect lives on both sides of the U.S. border. He explains why and how.

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P&P TV: Why America Needs To Support The Kurds

(image via wikimedia)

By Politics & Profits

The Kurds have been a reliable, effective force in fighting radical Islam both on the battlefield and ideologically. Kurd leadrership are early supporters of the Trump administration. Sherkoh Abbas President of Kurdistan Assembly of Syria joined Rick on the ‘America Trends’ national TV show to explain why he feels President Trump will be more effective than former President Obama in fighting ISIS.

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CPAC Made Right Decision With Milo

(image: YouTube/Milo Yiannopoulos on Realtime with Bill Maher)

By Rick Amato

Milo Yiannopoulos has been disinvited by CPAC, dropped by Simon & Schuster and by the time you read this article he may have had his employment terminated by Breitbart. I say good riddance.

CPAC had no choice but to distance itself- more like run away from- Milo. The last thing the Conservative Political Action Committee needs is to co-brand itself with someone who questions the definition of the word pedophilia. It’s one thing to make a mistake. But it’s another to shoot yourself in the head which CPAC organizers would have done had they permitted to Milo to take center stage. What about the President? Trump is scheduled to speak at CPAC on Friday. Given his relationship with the media and recent news events do you think he wants follow a speaker who in a Youtube video suggested that minors as young as 13 were “sexually mature” enough for relations with adults?

Oh I know Milo has his loyal fans out there- of which there are many- who are crying foul and saying his freedom of speech has been trampled upon. How so? No one is denying him his right to speak. He just won’t be able to do it as an invited guest speaker at CPAC. Speaking at CPAC is a privilege offered by its executive management. Not a constitutional right.

Milo and his loyal supporters also claim that the Youtube video of his comments have been selectively edited and point to the fact that he has since denounced pedophilia as a “vile and disgusting crime.” Kudos to him for denouncing but the fact that he even had to speaks volumes. In fact it’s sad. In one video clip he says, “We’re talking about age 13-25, 13-28 year olds — these things do happen perfectly consensually”.

I’ve always viewed Milo as being 75% entertainer and 25% political commentator. I assumed the only reason he was at Breitbart in the first place was because of his vast loyal following which translates into clicks which translates into advertising revenue. In other words as long as he didn’t scare too many traditional advertisers away he was overall good for business.

On the one hand one can’t help but feel a bit of sadness for the guy. On Monday Milo revealed that he was a child abuse victim and that experience has, “led me to believe I could say anything I wanted to on this subject, no matter how outrageous.” Tragic.

He can still bounce back however despite his recent losses and for his sake I hope he does. After all Ann Coulter has the distinction of having been disinvited from CPAC in 2008 and 2015 and it hasn’t hurt her career and of course he can always self publish. The one thing he won’t be doing though is speaking at CPAC this year. That’s a good thing.