1 On 1 With Trump: Unvarnished and Unfazed

(image via flickr/Karl-Ludwig Poggemann) By Rick Amato “The office makes the man”.  Those were the somber words in 1881 of newly appointed U.S. President Chester A. Arthur, a republican, upon finding himself unexpectedly thrust into the position after the tragic assassination of President James Garfield.  He became our nation’s 21st President.  After Donald Trump’s unorthodox, … Continue reading 1 On 1 With Trump: Unvarnished and Unfazed

Obama Did What?

(image via photobucket) By Rick Amato “Barack Obama gave Israel the middle finger on his final days in office and I am personally asking President Trump do undo what was done.” Those were the brash words of Las Vegas serial entrepreneur Wayne Allyn Root who recently appeared as a guest on the ‘Politics and Profits’ … Continue reading Obama Did What?

The King Of Las Vegas Says: Viva Trump!

(image via rootforamerica.com) Serial entrepreneur, middle class advocate and personal friend of Donal Trump, Wayne Allyn Root, explains why ‘big business hate President Trump and small businesses overwhelmingly love him. Plus you will not believe who former President Barack Obama appointed to the Holocaust Memorial Council on his final day in office. Wayne Allyn Root … Continue reading The King Of Las Vegas Says: Viva Trump!

Trump On A Roll

(image via pixabay) Can you top this? That was the name of a popular 1950’s TV show that was briefly revived in the 70’s. But if I didn’t know any better I would say it is the developing nickname for the new Trump administration. Just when you thought week 1 of The Donald’s presidency and … Continue reading Trump On A Roll