1 On 1 With Trump: Unvarnished and Unfazed

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By Rick Amato

“The office makes the man”.  Those were the somber words in 1881 of newly appointed U.S. President Chester A. Arthur, a republican, upon finding himself unexpectedly thrust into the position after the tragic assassination of President James Garfield.  He became our nation’s 21st President.  After Donald Trump’s unorthodox, counter- establishment, victorious campaign both supporters and opponents alike are curious if the realities of the Oval Office will ‘change the man’.  To make matters more interesting he has surrounded himself with a cross-current mix of anti-establishment flame throwers, like Steve Bannon, and GOP establishment stalwarts like Reince Priebus.  Obviously the competing minds advising him can be a great asset or a disastrous liability.  Time will tell.  Recently my former colleague from One America News, David Brody now of CBN, interviewed President Trump 1 on 1 in the Blue Room of the White House only the third such interview granted by the nation’s 45th President.  Brody joined me recently as a guest on the Politics and Profits podcast to share his first hand observations of the “mood inside the Trump White House”.

(image courtesy of David Brody)
(image courtesy of David Brody)

With the high energy of the first two weeks of the new administration and indications that at times not all staff  members were communicating and on the same page with each other I was curious as to how David Brody just would find that mood to be inside the White House.  Brody, by the way, has interviewed Donald Trump many times over the course of the past several years.  “He was very subdued”, Brody told me.  “Unlike the Trump we all know he was relatively reserved, calm and collected.   Again very subdued.  It was obvious he understood the gravity of the office”.

Perhaps the most interesting highlight were the number of questions which the White House staff requested of Brody in advance of the interview.  None.  While that may be common course of someone in a smaller political position, like say a small town city council member- it is unheard of on today’s scripted, rehearsed national political stage.  Just ask Hillary.

“Never did he or anyone on his staff ask for the questions, topics or issues in advance, Brody revealed. “This is the tenth interview I have done with Donald Trump over the past seven years. It’s been the same every time.  To me what is says, is when you’re comfortable in your own skin, and don’t worry about political correctness, or worry about x y and z, then you don’t need advance notice of the questions.  You get the full unvarnished opinion”.

What I found interesting is that President Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon sat in the room and observed the full interview.  Bannon had just appeared on the cover of Time Magazine last week for his calling out the media as the ‘opposition’.  Needless to say Time is not fond of Bannon.  Brody said he and Trump went into great detail about the President’s feeling towards the U.S. media,

“It’s like Donald Trump has said: ‘If I’m not going to get a fair treatment with the media then why in the world would I sit down with Anderson Cooper?’ “

“The media has no idea of how to deal with Donald Trump”, Brody said.  They are always a half step behind him.  Trump is willing to stand up and punch the bully in the face.  He likes to play the media as the foil.” Something which the majority of American people- outside of California that is- fully support him on.

You can listen to my entire interview with journalist David Brody by clicking the link below.  Perhaps the most surprising part of the interview is President Donald J. Trump talking about his relationship with faith and God since becoming president.  In the past it’s an issue he has kept private and to himself.  Until now.

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Obama Did What?

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By Rick Amato

“Barack Obama gave Israel the middle finger on his final days in office and I am personally asking President Trump do undo what was done.” Those were the brash words of Las Vegas serial entrepreneur Wayne Allyn Root who recently appeared as a guest on the ‘Politics and Profits’ podcast.

Wayne Allyn Root

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Root, a personal friend of the President and someone who has been referred to as ‘the twin brother that Donald Trump never had’ is referring to the case of Ben Rhoades. Who is Ben Rhoades? Three days prior to leaving office then-President Barack Obama named Ben Rhodes to the Holocaust Memorial Council — the most sacred Jewish commission in all of America. The Holocaust Memorial Council oversees the National Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C.

So why is Root upset over that? To answer that we need to take a step back and take a look at three items. First, in Barack Obama’s FINAL HOUR in office the President released $221 million of U.S. taxpayer to the Palestinian Authority, an enemy of Israel. Money which had previously been frozen by Congress. He did so by the way, through and executive order something which the media has been so shocked at Trump for using during his first weeks in office. Secondly, as had been highly publicized at the time- in his final days President Obama allowed the United Nations to condemn Israel for the first time in U.S. history. Thirdly, there is the highly publicized and much criticized controversial Iran nuclear deal. None of these items obviously demonstrate a president who is warm and friendly towards Israel. Ben Rhoades was President Obama’s point man behind the scenes for both the Iran nuclear deal and the U.N. resolution condemning Israel. It was his job to sell the merits of both deals to the U.S. media. And now- through a final days appointment by President Obama- Rhoades sits on the Holocaust Memorial Council.

Root says as a Jewish American he feels insulted and is outraged that Barack Obama would do such a thing. Don’t you just know that if Donald Trump had done something similar there would be angry media calls of anti- semitism and racism? And so now, Wayne Allyn Root is calling on his friend, the President, to step in and remove Ben Rhoades from the Holocaust Memorial Council.

You can hear my full interview with Wayne Allyn Root by clicking the photo below as we cover a full range of issues including business and the economy.

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Inside President Trump’s Inner Circle

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By Politics & Profits

This past week reporter David Brody of CBN sat down 1 on 1 with President Trump inside the Blue Room of the White House. Only the 3rd such interview granted by the President. Brody joins Rick to share his observations on the mood inside Trump’s inner circle, the President’s views on God, the media and more.

The King Of Las Vegas Says: Viva Trump!

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Serial entrepreneur, middle class advocate and personal friend of Donal Trump, Wayne Allyn Root, explains why ‘big business hate President Trump and small businesses overwhelmingly love him. Plus you will not believe who former President Barack Obama appointed to the Holocaust Memorial Council on his final day in office. Wayne Allyn Root calls it an insult to Israel and Jews in America and calls on Trump to intervene.

Message To Left: Be Careful Of What You Wish For!

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If history is any indication- and it usually is- then Democrats better be careful of what they wish for because they just might get it. I’m referring to the latest strategy on the Left which has democrat operatives and their allies in the media gloating and indeed embracing what are expected to be massive Inauguration Day protests and sporadic cases of civil disobedience.

At a time when most Americans still feel profoundly proud of their nation, Democrats are doing all they can to try and make sure this year that feeling is erased. For starters you have the Left’s narrative of branding President Elect Trump as an “illegitimate” president. This has long been their political strategy from day one when Trump emerged from the GOP primary to face Hillary in the general election. But now instead of taking the high road, as they always claim, Democrat politicians are doubling down on claims of an illegitimate presidency. Ironically, leaked email revealed that it was the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign which conspired together to “rig” the democrat primary to defeat Bernie Sanders. Talk about illegitimate. All of this of course is being orchestrated against the backdrop of tens of thousands of planned protests anticipated to descend upon our nation’s capitol on Inauguration Day.

To help one stay informed and up to date with their protesting options, this past week the Washington Post published an article titled, ‘Your Guide To Inauguration Day Demonstrations, Marches and Protests’. Protests are expected to range from everything including the ‘Women’s March’ featuring Hollywood celebrities such as Cher, Amy Schumer and Katy Perry, groups protesting Trump on the basis of racism, LGBT rights, income inequality, nuclear proliferation and so on and so forth. Meanwhile a growing number of Democrat lawmakers have announced they are boycotting Inauguration Day because of Trump’s taking exception to Congressman John Lewis calling him “illegitimate”. While Democrats may not be directly calling for protests outright they are doing all they can to fan the flames and undermine the credibility of the institution.

Unfortunately for our nation- and for the Democrat party itself- the Left has a history when it comes to such things. In the mid- 60’s with the tremendously unpopular Vietnam war raging on, anarchists and violent protestors took to the nation’s streets and college campuses to condemn U.S. involvement. Flag burnings, molotov cocktails and rocks hurled at police officers became common visions broadcast into American living rooms on a nightly basis.

While the majority of Americans disagreed with the Vietnam War they rejected the trashing of their nation and its’ institutions by extreme protestors even more so. Seeking an alternative to the violent, anti-American messaging voters in 1968 elected Republican Richard Nixon as their president. In 1972 despite the war still dragging on and with protests and anti-American messages getting even uglier voters re-elected Richard Nixon to a second term. He won 49 states. The point is most Americans quietly go about their lives. Most are center, left-of-center or right-of-center in their political views and most reject the trashing of our nation and its institutions. Something the Left fails to comprehend.

In more recent years we have seen violent nationwide protests organized by the Black Lives Matter movement, the demonization of our nation’s police officers and an American president who questions the existence of American exceptionalism. In that seven year period Democrat politicians have paid a heavy price at the voting booth as they have lost a staggering 1,042 seats at the Senate, Congress, Governor and state legislature levels. It’s something they can’t blame that on the Russians.

Obviously there is plenty of unknown when it comes to the upcoming Trump presidency given that he has never previously held political office, but he appears to have the support of the American people. When you remove California from the equation he won the majority vote. He won the electoral college by a large margin. American voters want their presidents to be successful and are willing to be patient. That is why so many U.S. Presidents get re-elected to second terms despite lackluster first terms. What they won’t tolerate are individuals and groups whose extreme actions undermine the nation, its’ institutions and leader. Something which Democrats are now once again engaging in at their own peril.

Trump Promises To Double Economic Growth

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Last week the media focused its narrative du juor on branding Donald Trump as un-presidential, confrontational and ignorantly living in the past after he warned GM and Toyota through a series of tweets not to move their manufacturing jobs from the U.S. to Mexico.

After all what person of great sophistication and intelligence could ever imagine manufacturing as a growth engine of the future and that the marketplace itself as not being global? How white, under-educated, blue collar worker of him.

But lost in all the media noise and barely reported was a subtle but important speech given by Federal Reserve, Fed Governor Jerome Powell. Speaking at an economic conference in Chicago – and while not mentioning Trump by name- Powell told the audience there is now a more business friendly mood in Washington one which could improve America’s economy and make it less dependent upon the Federal Reserve for success. He said the new mood and talk of less business regulation was welcome news by the Federal Reserve and the nation’s central bankers. Powell, by the way, has been serving the Federal Reserve since 2012 after being nominated to it by President Barack Obama.

There are several reasons why his comments are important. The first of which is unlike the media itself Federal Reserve, Fed Governor Jerome Powell is a person of economic depth and expertise. His words carry weight.

Secondly, the U.S. stock markets have spent the past seven years or so artificially propped up by low interest rates engineered by the Fed. In other words, instead of stock prices moving higher because of a company’s earnings- as it should be- they have moved higher because of interest rates kept low by the Fed.

For example, if an investor has a choice between investing his or her retirement savings in a bank CD earning only 1 or 2 per cent, or take a chance by investing in the U.S. stock market in hopes they will earn 7,8 or 10% they will and have been opting for the stock market. More money invested in the stock market equals higher prices. Meanwhile what this means is that America’s CEO’s are being rewarded with higher stock prices even though they may have never improved their company’s earnings, or in some case even operated at a profit! And it is improved earnings and profits which ultimately leads to companies creating new jobs and hiring more people to work.

Donald Trump has promised to double the pace of economic growth in America. To accomplish this he has hinted at less taxes, less regulation and more incentives to keep companies from moving jobs outside of America. He faces many hurdles. But if he can get the U.S. stock market back to rewarding CEO’s with higher stock prices based only upon the company’s earnings and future growth instead of something artificial like lower interest rates, then he just may achieve his goal. Even if the media decides not to report on it.

Optimism in the Workplace After Trump Elected President

Workers in the healthcare industry as well as workers in general are feeling a sense of optimism about the future and economy since Donald Trump was elected as the next president. At Your Home Familycare President and CEO, Laurie Edwards-Tate discusses this with Rick. 12/14/2016